Brett and Samuel have been inseparable friends since their early years, spending countless hours riding the waves and exploring the scenic coastlines of Ventura County. As they grew older, their shared enthusiasm for cars emerged alongside their love for surfing. They found joy in meticulously cleaning and maintaining their own vehicles, transforming them into gleaming works of art.

Recognizing their shared passion and the potential to turn their hobby into a business, Brett and Samuel embarked on a journey together. They combined their knowledge of car detailing techniques, their eye for detail, and their unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction to establish Surfside Details.

At Surfside Details, we believe that car detailing is an art form that goes beyond mere cleaning. It is about preserving and enhancing the beauty of every vehicle, just as nature's elements shape the perfect wave. We approach every car with the same meticulous care and attention to detail that we bring to our own vehicles.

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